Healthpath was born out of its Founder & CEO, Richard Nehmes, personal experience in his attempts to get to the root cause of his health conditions. He recognised that there were millions of people around the world suffering unnecessarily from all types of chronic conditions and that functional medicine offered a credible solution.

HealthPath’s mission is to bring about a much-needed, accessible approach to functional medicine, so everyone can get the support that they need. The world is ready for a health revolution and the HealthPath team are delighted to be a part of it.

Andrew Schofield, Chairman & CEO of 3C says: “We are honoured to be invested in Richard’s and the Healthpath team’s goals to change the way people can manage their health. HealthPath has rapidly developed a comprehensive and totally approachable online business, which allows its customers to find out the root cause of their conditions with testing, education, life-changing guidance and a community they can trust with their health issues.”

Richard Nehme highlights that he has been really impressed with how quickly 3CH was able to understand HealthPath’s business, the market opportunity and make an investment. “Andrew and Rob are an experienced team and their input and contacts have been very positive. It’s a great feeling knowing they are by our side,” he says.